Combining the strengths of importer, journalist and retailer, Rimmerman orchestrates its quirky offerings with a confidence that suggests he sees the future of wine-selling differently, perhaps more clearly, than just about anyone else.
—Paul Gregutt, Seattle Times, March 2008

Often credited with sparking the “email offer” revolution in fine wine sales, Jon Rimmerman started Garagiste on a shoestring with a lifelong dream and a simple concept: to bring the winemaker and consumer closer together by taking advantage of a then-new technology (email) and merging it with the ethos of a co-op.

Garagiste has thrived since the 1990s by talking with its customers, not at them...about more than just wine. Garagiste has developed into a literary montage of philosophy, culture, travel, history, and the world as seen through Jon’s eyes.

Jon is passionate about small growers and producers around the world with an artisanal and often organic approach to farming. In fact, most of Jon’s discoveries are largely unknown outside their local areas and are not yet available in the U.S. He searches for the best wine and underground foodstuffs in the world and makes them available to thousands of subscribers around the world via one or more daily email offers.