What makes Garagiste different?

Garagiste works differently than any other wine and food retailer you’ve encountered. We don’t offer anything for sale on a website and we don’t have any inventory to browse.

What we do have are interesting stories to tell, every day, from some far off place (or sometimes closer to home--- Walla Walla isn’t that far from Seattle, but you get the idea). That story is told in the form of a simple email, on the spur of the moment, typed on Garagiste founder Jon Rimmerman’s mobile phone or mobile device. When Jon makes a great find, so do you. We are ahead of the game, ahead of the critics and mostly ahead of the entire wine trade.

We are able to offer you extraordinary wines and foods at co-op prices because we source them directly from the producer whenever possible. In most cases, the wine or food never leaves our grasp from the cellar door (or kitchen) all the way to our warehouse. No middlemen, no extra fingers in the pie – just you and the winemaker or food artisan.

Garagiste is not a wine club. You are never under any obligation to buy a thing. You’re free to come along on Jon’s travels and experience the world through his daily emails. Most emails will contain one or more offers for wine or food items Jon has discovered along the way.

Keep in mind, Garagiste wine and food discoveries are limited in production. Most offers sell out quickly, some within minutes. If you read about something that tickles your fancy, you need to respond…quickly.

Read on for more information on the four core areas that set us apart.


Founded by Jon Rimmerman in the mid-1990s, Garagiste remains a family business that has never advertised. There is no board of directors. There is no investor group. Each new customer represents a chance for us to improve upon what we believe is the finest personal service in the industry. As the ultimate thank you, we enjoy one of the most loyal and dedicated consumer bases in the wine trade—all without any storefront to speak of.

Email is our only vehicle for sales—one wine or one food at a time via email. There is no list of offerings or inventory online, and we don't use our website for sales. Like the Sub Pop Records (also of Seattle) of the wine trade, Garagiste has maintained its independent voice throughout the years while growing to be one of the largest purveyors of eclectic wine in the United States.


Our passion is for small, unknown producers around the world with an artisanal and often organic approach to farming. We discover the next influential producer well ahead of the curve, and most of our wines are not yet available in the U.S. We operate with a co-op mentality and the lowest pricing margins we can muster; our family of thousands of long-term customers will attest to the fact that our prices are often the lowest in the world (not only the lowest in the U.S.).


While we specialize in European and imported wine (and food), we also offer occasional domestic wines that meet our criteria for low-alcohol, non-interventionist production and a pro-consumer ethos (which is not often, unfortunately). Garagiste operates fully within the three-tiered system: we do not grey market our goods as the provenance of these goods is unknown and ultimately a disservice to the consumer. Of most importance, we cannot be strong-armed, bought or talked into carrying a wine by any importer, distributor, or commercial entity. We are fiercely independent in thought and criticism, even if our opinions are not popular with the industry establishment.


In sum, Garagiste operates in a nontraditional manner. Nothing is available on our website to purchase. The only way to know what we have (and to purchase what we have) is to sign up for our daily email offers. Our prices are not posted on our website, on Winesearcher, or on any of the wine search databases.

Our offers are only available once, via the daily email...and then they are gone.


While you've been reading this, the last Garagiste offer has sold out.