Shipping & Pick-Up


Due to individual state legislation, certain states do not allow the transport of wine across state lines. As archaic as this is, your ire is best served by writing your state representative to let them know we indeed live in year 2016, not 1814. If you do not see your state listed here, please send a note to arrange shipping to an appropriate address.



To minimize exposure, full cases (12 wine bottles each) are shipped only twice a year in the temperate weather of spring and fall. Orders will be held for free under ideal storage conditions (56 degrees/70% humidity) until shipping is possible. Preserving the provenance of your wine is of the utmost importance to us. For this reason, we will not ship during inclement weather. If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact

IT IS OUR POLICY TO HOLD YOUR ORDERS UNTIL YOU HAVE PURCHASED A FULL 12-BOTTLE CASE, FOR UP TO ONE YEAR. We do this to save you shipping costs and to make our warehouse more efficient.  Please contact us if you wish to have your wine released prior to filling a full 12-pack case, Please see the Important Note About Full Cases below.


The cost of shipping depends on your geographic location.  For estimates, click here.


The status of your orders allows you to monitor where they are in their journey from the winery to you. 

Pre-arrival: Confirmed orders that are traveling to the warehouse (transit times are estimated in each email offer and are updated in the customer center as the items are closer to arrival (with our best guess in-bound date based on GPS position of ships, possible port delays, etc. We do our best to estimate but it is not an exact science - thank you in advance for your patience if delays arise!).

Arrived in Warehouse: Orders that have arrived in at the warehouse and are waiting to be picked-up or shipped.

Delivered: The “Delivered” status refers to anything that has been removed from our inventory and packed for you (i.e. on our shipping dock waiting for FedEx/UPS, actually on the FedEx/UPS truck, delivered at your residence, packed for you and waiting for local pick-up/actually picked up). If the item is no longer accessible to our inventory, it is deemed “Delivered” but it does not necessarily mean the parcels have been delivered to your door yet! – please check the tracking information you were emailed by FedEx/UPS.

IMPORTANT FOR LOCALS: The status of orders picked up at the warehouse will show "Delivered" soon after a pick-up appointment has been made. Once your orders have been removed from our inventory and packed/waiting for you, each itme will show as “Delivered" Do not be alarmed, we know you have not yet picked them up! The “Delivered” note on each item is your assurance that they’ve been packed and are waiting for you to pick up.

Please email with any questions. 



You may choose to pick up your order(s).   Please use the form on the website to make an appointment. 

We appreciate at least 24-hours notice for any pick-up, and for extremely large orders we may need more time.  We will try our best to accommodate your request, however, we cannot guarantee a pick-up appointment without sufficient notice.

Warehouse Hours for Pick-up:

Sunday through Wednesday: Closed

Thursday and Friday: 11am to 6pm

Saturday: 9:30am to 4pm

‚ÄčOnce you schedule a pick-up and your orders have bee packed for you, the status of your “Arrived” wines will then be switched to “Delivered” (your orders have been removed from inventory and staged for your appointment). Please allow a bit of extra time when you are picking up. While we double check all pick-up orders prior to your arrival, we also want to give you peace of mind by going through a full check of your bottles (while you are present) with a Garagiste team member. In addition, please be prepared to collect all of your in stock orders when you pick up – we cannot split orders or "keep 2 bottles out of 6 ordered”. If you have any question about a pick–up, please email: *



Picking up your food orders: The specialty foods that we sell have expiration dates, so it is important that you pick them up in a timely manner. We recommend that you pick up your food orders as they arrive—the sooner the better for highest quality. We are not responsible for food products that are not picked up before their expiration dates. 

Shipping your food orders:  Your food will be shipped to you two times a year towards the end of the spring and fall shipping seasons. This allows us to consolidate your arrived foods items for the most economical shipping possible. Food items (excluding olive oil and vinegar) are shipped separately from wine orders in the appropriate packaging. Oils and vinegars fit well in the wine shippers and will count towards filling up a 12 pack case. Other food items will be sent to you in food-specific packaging to preserve the quality of your food orders. While we make every effort to send your oils and vinegars in the wine shippers during the shipping season, any arrived oils and vinegars left in your account will be sent out with other food items towards the end of the shipping season.


Many of the items we offer are pre-arrivals, some as long as two years in advance (anticipated arrival times are stated on each offer, below the price-line). To take advantage of the lowest possible price, you are charged for your purchase now (not on arrival). You are not charged for shipping until your orders have been packed to ship.

We have an exemplary record of delivery on all wine we offer, whether in-stock or pre-arrival, thus our consecutive nominations as National Wine Retailer of the Year—the only retailer in the U.S. to receive such an honor.

We do the best we can in each email offer to approximate the expected date of arrival, but this is not exact—it can vary by weeks, months, or even a year or more due to winemaker walkabout, honeymoons, unexpected dock strikes, or other factors out of our control. While we work around the clock to ensure your wine arrives to us in the most expeditious manner possible, due to the small business aspect of most of our producers, the biggest source of frustration for our customers is the long lag-time in the receipt of shipments. Even though we approximate arrival dates, ultimately, we have no control over the release date imposed by a winemaker if he/she simply changes his/her mind after the fact (it happens). WE WANT YOU TO GET YOUR WINE, and you will, but you may occasionally have to wait longer than you wish. As they say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"...

By purchasing wine from us, you acknowledge that pre-arrival schedules are not guaranteed and are in a constant state of flux. The good news is that we work harder than anyone to ensure your wine is shipped to you at the very earliest date possible - all with the finest provenance. 


To help keep the provenance of your wine intact, we only ship twice per year when the weather is moderate: Fall and Spring. If the Fall or Spring shipping season commences and closes while you do not have a full “Arrived” 12-pack or 12-packs (commingled from all of your orders), your order(s) may roll over into the next shipping season until you have 12 total bottles to ship - we will not contact you to let you know this, it’s an automatic status (a full 12 bottle case is by far the most economical means of shipment and we hold all orders under ideal storage conditons until 12 bottles are combined). If two consecutive shipping seasons pass and you still do not have 12 bottles “Arrived” (comingled from any/all of your orders), we will automatically ship you whatever has arrived, even if it is less than 12 bottles.

If you would always like your orders shipped prior to filling a full 12-bottle case, we can place your account on “less than 12” status. With this status, no matter how many bottles have arrived, you will receive them as they land in our warehouse. Simply send us a note and let us know you would like your account updated to this status (please note: increased shipping charges may apply):

With the above in mind, Garagiste is not liable for late arrivals, missed birthdays, special occasions or shipping/weather windows (but we will try our very best to meet all of your needs!)

*All Email List members/Garagiste customers receive up to one year of FREE temperature controlled storage - any order that remains in the warehouse after 1 year will incur the following fees unless a shipment is scheduled in a reasonable timeframe:

$5/month per case
$280/month per 56 case pallet

NOTE:  After 5 calendar years from the date of “Arrived” status all wine will be returned to stock and a credit of the original purchase price minus accrued storage fees will be issued.