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The 2009 Best of Wine Online Awards

Good Grape, December 14th, 2009
"Best Blog that is not a Blog"
(We love this one.)



I have enjoyed wine for most of my adult life, but I have become a true enthusiast over the past year or so. What Garagiste does has made it possible for me to explore the diversity of the vinous world and discover the things that I love about different grapes, blends and appellations (I have found that there's not much that I don't like). I can't find the appropriate words to express how appreciative I am that you allow me to purchase 2 or 3 bottles at a time. This has been integral to my wine discovery journey. Thank you!!!
—Levi, Garagiste member

Note from Jon: I’m always preaching about the pleasures of patience. Here are some words from a member who "gets it."

I opened my first bottle [of 2002 Chateau Behere (Pauillac)] tonight of the four I bought in 2006. It's a lovely, elegant wine, much better than I expected given the rains associated with 2002 Left Bank products.
But the biggest plus for me was the minuscule 12.5% alcohol content. I found myself consuming the entire bottle over a span of four hours, without even a hint of falling face first into my Cajun tiger prawn pasta. What an absolute delight to have a great bottle of wine that doesn't make me stupid or induce me to register for an AA 12-step program. This is the way wine should be made. And enjoyed. Take all that 15% stuff and stick it.
—Jef, Garagiste member
As one who has been blessed with a palate and penchant for the finest life has to offer, Garagiste has allowed me to explore the world of exquisite wine without risk. …no matter what I order, the wine will likely be rare and delicious.  Selfishly, that's why I'm such a loyal customer.
On the opposite end of that spectrum, Jon, what you've done with your Japan offering is why you go so far beyond a trusted merchant, and enter the realm of admired "friend" As a Japanophile who travels to that exquisite country as often as my business allows, my heart has been shredded at every image I see of the devastation. Thank you for being so selfless and extending such a no-brainer offer to help those in need.
I look forward to many more years of oenological exploration with you.
—Jason, Garagiste client
I wanted to express my greatest gratitude to the email blast you sent out to your members. Last night as I read the email to the whole family who gathered at our parents house -- we were all touched and moved by the kind things you had to say about our winery. Often I get frustrated with the people I meet in the industry because everything has become driven by scores and marketing that they do NOT give a chance to people that do want to make an influence in the World.
—Naseem Momtazi, Maysara Winery
It might not seem like the most natural fit to combine wine enthusiasm with the sensibilities of independent rock music, but for almost twenty years Garagiste, started by Seattle native Jon Rimmerman, has been doing just that… Rimmerman’s unique and somewhat controversial business model has focused on being a friend to the wine consumer above all else… Rimmerman loves wine drinkers as much as he loves wine.
—The Strongbox Wine Cellar Blog
Jon – without question you are the best wine writer (other than Hugh Johnson and maybe Jancis) in the business. Never mind the fact you are a merchant – that’s secondary to me. After close to 30 years of devouring all that has been published in English (on both sides of the pond) about wine, I just want you to know there are readers who relate to your perspective hook, line, and sinker...I’m one of them.
—Rod, Collector and Garagiste client
Rimmerman’s huge enthusiasm for wine—plus his gift for describing its qualities and the culture, geology and geography of the places it's produced—propel the business, enticing even nonwine drinkers.
—Dan Richman, Seattle Post Intelligencer
Combining the strengths of importer, journalist and retailer, Rimmerman orchestrates its quirky offerings with a confidence that suggests he sees the future of wine-selling differently, perhaps more clearly, than just about anyone else.
—Paul Gregutt, Seattle Times get an incredible amount of backstory that you would otherwise never get except from the most dedicated and passionate wine shops. Jon’s stories were interesting enough to get me to start a Google map pinpointing the sources/vineyards/domains of the wines I bought from him.
—Paul, Poster to Good Wines Under $20
Your wine descriptions, and the tone and the voice of your service is so consistent and so informative that you can’t help but be intrigued by the wines.
—Terry, Garagiste email list member
Quirky but highly knowledgeable wine expert Jon Rimmerman... scours the world for high quality small production wines... I have yet to order and drink anything other than a very good bottle of wine from Garagiste offered at a reasonable price. I have also learned a lot about wine and find his emails to be blessedly free of the usual drivel that is written by and for oenophiles.
—Christopher Kimball,
A mythical figure in the wine world.
—Alice Feiring, Veritas in Vino