Q: How do I get on “the list”?
A: All you have to do is register on this site. Once you do, you will be added to the list.
To all of the skeptics: there is only one list and we don’t play favorites...really!
Q: When do you ship?

A: Garagiste approaches shipping from a slightly different perspective.  Twice a year, when the weather is just right in the spring and fall we will send your orders to you. To learn more about when we ship, please visit our website at garagiste.com/shipping-pick

In the fall, we usually stop shipping to the MIDWEST, EAST COAST, and SOUTH EAST around Thanksgiving as it is just too risky. WEST COAST states have a longer shipping window.  We won’t ship during the summer unless you say so.  Even then we will try to talk you out of it. We always check the weather before launching so there are no guarantees. Email support@garagistewine.com with questions or concerns. 

Q: Why is my state not listed as a valid shipping state on your website?

A: Due to individual state legislation, certain states do not allow the transport of wine across state lines. Archaic? Yes.  Your ire is best served by writing your state representative to let them know we indeed live in year 2014, not 1814. If you do not see your state listed here, please send us a note to arrange shipping to an appropriate address.

Q: Do you ship outside of the United States?

A: Garagiste cannot ship outside the U.S. Please email support@garagistewine.com if you have any questions about this.

Q: How do you ship large format wine bottles?

A: Large format wine bottles (magnums and the like) are shipped to you within the shipping season. Because they are heavy and cumbersome they require their own packaging and cannot be consolidated with other wine orders. When possible, we will consolidate your orders of 2, 3, 6 magnums in the appropriate packaging to keep costs low. Single bottles will ship separately if there are not other bottles to consolidate with, however.  

Q: How much do I pay for shipping?

A: Estimated shipping costs, based on your geographic location, can be found here.

Q: I missed a Fedex delivery. What should I do now?
A: Shipments containing wine require an adult (aged 21+) signature upon delivery. If no one is available to sign for your shipment at the time of delivery, Fedex will make two additional attempts to deliver on the following business days. Fedex will notify you via email of the next delivery attempt date. (Note: Fedex Home service delivers Tuesday- Saturday, Fedex Ground delivers Monday-Friday.) At this time, you will also have the option to redirect your shipment to a nearby Fedex/Kinkos location where you can pick up your order within 5 business days. If you would like to redirect your shipment to a new address within your state, Fedex will incur a small fee to do so. Please visit fedex.com/us/delivery and sign up for the delivery manager to take control of your shipments. 
If all three delivery attempts are exceeded before you are able to make delivery arrangements via the Fedex website, Fedex will return your shipment to the sender, i.e. the Garagiste warehouse in Seattle. You will need to contact us to make arrangements for re-shipment. While we will do everything within our power to aid in the receipt of your Garagiste goods, Garagiste is not responsible for missed delivery attempts. Shipments that return to our warehouse and require re-shipment will incur the cost of an additional shipping charge.
Q: How do I pick up my wine or food item?

A: In stock order(s) are listed as “Arrived in Warehouse" in your account. Please use the form on the website to make an appointment.  24-hours' notice is requested to pack your orders. To learn more about pick ups, please visit this page on our website : garagiste.com/shipping-pick      

Once you schedule the pick-up, the status of your "Arrived in Warehouse" wines will be switched to "Delivered." If you have any question about a pick-up, please email pickup@garagistewine.com.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: The specialty foods that we sell have expiration dates so it is important that you pick them up in a timely manner. We recommend within 30 days of purchase—the sooner the better for highest quality. Garagiste is not responsible for food items that are not picked up before their expiration dates. 

Q: Can I send someone else to pick up my order?

A: If you wish to have someone else pick up your wine, you must send an email of authorization to pickup@garagistewine.com in regard to the party you authorize on your behalf.

Q: Do you have a retail store that I can visit?

A: The pop-up retail Lair at the Garagiste warehouse is still open for a limited time only!  Thanks for your enthusiastic response to the Lair- we had a blast helping you shop!

Q: What is Garagiste’s return policy?

A: Our goal is for you to enjoy our wine and food products and to have an overall positive experience. Please see our liberal return policy here.

Q: How do I enter new billing and shipping information?

A: Please go to online.garagiste.com to login to your account and update your credit card, shipping address, and/or other information. If this is your first time logging in to the new system, please use the Login Help tools (located in the bottom right corner to request a temporary password. For the security of your account, after receiving your temporary password, you'll be asked to select a new password. 
Once logged in, click on the "Payment Profile" tab in the middle of the page. To add a new payment information click on the “Add New” button located on the right hand side. In the payment information tab, you will enter your card and associated address. Be sure to tick the "Save & Close" button to exit and save your changes.

Q: Why doesn’t my Customer Center account login work?

A: First time using our system? Begin at your account, "The Customer Center" by using the email address with which you signed up, all lower-case, for the login. You'll initially gain access by requesting a "Temporary Password" through the Login Help tools which is located on the bottom right.

Once you've entered your "Temporary Password", you'll be asked to create a new password. click "My Account." Here, enter all of your personal information as you see fit using the link to "Edit Your Profile" - you can now change the initial password to something else. The Center is where you will also keep track of your wine. You can see what you've recently ordered, check status notes, find out what's been shipped, etc.

Q: When should I open my bottles?

A: We know you are excited to open your wine but...try to wait! Our fastidious attention to provenance allows us to offer many delicate and easily disturbed wines that can be adversely affected by their travel around the globe. If you can defer your gratification for 2-3 months or more, we can (almost!) guarantee the complex flavors of your recently shipped wine will begin to present themselves. Nearly every wine we offer will smell, taste and bring a smile to your face in a far more pleasing way if allowed to rest after its global journey. Waiting is the hardest part...but try :)