About the Wine

Rimmerman’s huge enthusiasm for wine—plus his gift for describing its qualities and the culture, geology and geography of the places it’s produced—propel the business, enticing even nonwine drinkers.
— Dan Richman, Seattle Post Intelligencer July 2008

Garagiste specializes in artisan wines—often undiscovered, unscored, and biodynamic or organic—that veer toward a road less traveled. These are wines that speak of a specific place, and usually have very little oak, high acidity, and lean or medium weight textures (even the reds). They can be among the best, least expensive, and most interesting examples of their kind, but they can also be polarizing, especially for those with a palate that leans toward domestic Cabernet or Chardonnay. If that describes you, Garagiste is a bold exploration that will open your eyes to a wonderful wine world, but you will have to be patient while your palate gets to know us.

Garagiste specializes in the eclectic: the U.S. market does not typically know what to do with wines such as these. But that is exactly why we started Garagiste more than a decade ago—to give the consumer another choice and another voice of reason in the wine world, and to bring the small winemaker and the consumer closer together.

Garagiste specializes in passion: our passion is evident in the stories we share every day via email. If you are looking for Silver Oak or Napa Cabernet (or anything close to that style), we are not for you. If you are eager to learn and experiment, we are excited to take the journey with you, and to introduce you to some eye-opening finds along the way.

Garagiste specializes in provenance: we are known for the finest storage and handling in the trade. We are sticklers for perfect provenance, which is seldom the case in the wine distribution/retail world. We store your wine under ideal conditions (56 degrees/70% humidity) for free until shipping is possible.